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The dictionary defines a Sugar Daddy as, "a wealthy, middle-aged man who spends freely on a young woman in return for her companionship or intimacy."

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Over the last few years, a number of Sugar Daddy dating websites have popped up on the online dating radar. Some of them present themselves in a legitimate and tasteful fashion ( and and some are a little bit more bold in their nature (

There are a number of other sugar daddy as well as millionaire dating sites out there, and with the popularity of this niche, newer ones seem to pop up everyday. Here's where we can help. We've been around the online dating scene for over six years now, and we have reviewed hundreds of sites as evidenced by all the other reviews on this site.

Below are the sugar daddy and millionaire match dating sites we recommend. If the sites below don't fit your needs, you might want to try our intimate dating site section.

P.S. Are you a Sugar Momma? Or, are you a Sugar Baby Male seeking a Sugar Momma to take care of you? If so, you should check out our Sugar Baby Male dating section, which features Sugar Daddy sites that cater to Sugar Mommies looking to spoil Sugar Baby Males. And, if you're a Gay Sugar Daddy or Lesbian Sugar Momma, you'll find they cater to you as well.

When it comes to Sugar Daddy Dating Sites, Seeking Arrangement is in a league of it's own. No other dating site has received as much publicity over the last few years as this site. It's been featured on The Today Show, Dr. Phil, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, New York Post and many, many more media outlets.

What does all this mean to you? It means that this site is extremely popular and is loaded with active members. And, if you're a Sugar Baby, it's completely FREE to use! That's right, if you're a Sugar Baby Female or Male, and you fill out your profile accurately and upload at least one approved photo, you can use the site for FREE.

And, if you're a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Momma, you can also try out the site using their FREE Trial membership, which allows you to send up to 10 emails for free to test the site out.

It's for these reasons that we believe is the premier Sugar Daddy Dating Site on the web today, and an absolute must-join if you're serious about finding a Sugar Daddy or Baby!

sugar daddy dating officially launched in the fall of 2009, and in a short time, they have become one of the top Sugar Daddy dating sites on the web. I know the owners of this site, and I can honestly say they are 100% committed to making this site the largest and best Sugar Daddy dating site on the planet. Two of the main reasons why I love Mutual Arrangements so much is their commitment to fraud prevention and their no spam/no advertising model.

Because this niche (Sugar Daddy/Wealthy Dating) has a lot of scam artists trying to rip off unsuspecting men and women, they've gone the extra mile to create the technology needed to protect their members. And, it doesn't hurt that the site is definitely the best looking Sugar Daddy dating site out there. Also, if you're a Sugar Daddy, you're going to be blown away with the quality of their female members. Finally, unlike a lot of other sites in this niche, Mutual Arrangements also caters to straight and lesbian Sugar Mommies as well as gay Sugar Daddies. For all of the above reasons, Mutual Arrangements is now one of our TOP PICKS for Sugar Daddy dating. Good luck and enjoy the site!

Sugar Daddy is our newest featured Sugar Daddy Dating site. After an extensive review, I have to say, it's a pretty cool site.

One of my favorite features is their photo verification feature. How many times have you "fell in love" with someone because of their photo online, only to be disappointed when you met them in person and realized the photo was 10 years old or even worse, not even them!

Some other great features are a blogging area, daily Sugar Daddy news from around the world, and their simple signup process. It's definitely a site you should join for free. I think you'll like it. Good luck!

sugar daddy dating's tagline is "Where the classy, attractive and affluent can meet." In our opinion, it's one of the best sites catering to both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies because of it's url and because it's been online since 2002.

A quick look at it's ranking on, which ranks the popularity of all websites, shows that it is the most popular site catering to Sugar Daddy's. For this reason alone, if you are a sugar daddy or sugar baby, you should check the site out.

Here are some important features:

Searching: Your option to search at first is one of two: Sugar Daddie looking for Sugar Babe (Female) or Sugar Babe seeking a Sugar Daddie. You can choose either USA, UK, Australia, Canada or All Countries and age is pre-set at 21 to 45. After clicking search, you are presented with ten pages with ten profiles on each page.

Price Structure: $19.99/one month, 29.99/two months, 39.99/three months, 69.99/six months, 99.99/twelve months. 4 major credit cards, certified checks & money orders can be mailed with an additional $4 processing fee.

Number of Photos: Three photos can be uploaded

Bottom Line: If you are a rich sugar daddy looking for a young sugar baby, this site is for you. If you are looking for a gay sugar daddy or baby, you won't find them here, you're going to need to join a site like

sugar daddy

As mentioned at the end of the review for, caters not only to heterosexual Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mommies, but also to gay and lesbian Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mommies.

This site is a little bit more risque than, but it's still a great choice for Sugar Daddies or Babies.

And, it offers a 3-day FREE Trial membership, which allows you to use the site for three days as a premium member! Click here to get started today...